Saturday, February 16, 2013

Oh, and I just saw on the Notchview site that on Saturday February 23 there will be a moonlight ski!

Last Sunday was stunning! What will it be like tomorrow? It seems no one is quite sure what this storm is doing, but here's the outlook from Tod Niedeck at 9:20 Saturday night:

With a series of 40+ degree days this past week, bright sunshine and little wind, especially for folks down in the Happy Valley, I thought it prudent to paste the Windsor MA forecast for tomorrow herewith -  a little dose of Berkshire February reality.  Don't forget the mukluks tomorrow.  See ya soon, BTBKYSL

2 pm 18°
Snow Shower / Wind

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Perfect day!

New snow, perfectly groomed, what a joy!


This is our first post! Reporting that skiing is ON today! See you up there.
Mark Pollard's Snow Dance worked! Good job Mark.